RPA in Logistics

Digital transformation in the logistics industry is being accelerated by RPA for logistics. Considering that the logistics, supply chain, and shipping industries are constantly under pressure to deliver the best services in budgeted limitations, RPA can significantly minimize costs and enhance services. Varishtha Infotech has partnered with UiPath to streamline processes and pave the way for digital transformation.

Benefits of RPA in Logistics

Automatic Process

Converting manual processes like scheduling deliveries, updation of customer details, etc., can now be handled by an automated process. Consequently, RPA in logistics and supply chain automates back-office operations removing manual errors and gaps in the existing systems.


Automating mundane, repetitive tasks can drive operational efficiency, making the business thoroughly productive in a competitive landscape.

Cost Effective

RPA in logistics ensures cost-effective service deliveries by shipping and logistic companies

Result Oriented

With Robotic Process Automation, core business processes are digitalized and automated to reduce tediousness and help the workforce work on value-driven workflows.

Help & Support

RPA in the logistic sector helps meet customer expectations with renewed vigor and power.


Scheduling shipments and tracking them effectively. Accuracy is the underlying factor that governs the entire process, starting from pick-up requests to checking shipment status


Processing of invoices by integrating different systems like the freight bill payment systems, order-to-cash systems, and more. The entire workflow in the credit collection process and invoice processing is streamlined effectively.


Robotic Process Automation scans and captures data from the website using fleets and couriers in closing loads.


RPA can be used for Order processing, Auto-emails and alerts, and reporting requirements

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