RPA in Insurance

Robotic process automation (RPA) in Iinsurance uses bots and AI to help companies automate and, in some cases, eliminate repetitive tasks, as well as augment and extend human capabilities.

The Insurance Industry is one of the most automatable and RPA friendly industries, due to the prevalence of high volume and manual processes. The Insurance Industry is a data-intensive industry, and experiences many operational delays due to the manual nature of work being completed. UiPath is one of the most suited RPA tools for the Insurance Industry. Integration with UiPath has helped immensely in streamlining processes, providing insights, increasing efficiencies, and ensuring fast and effective digital transformation.

Automate your everyday processes with RPA for insurance. Irrespective of any software or app, web-enabled or desktop-based, there are RPA solutions available making life easy and seamless for your insurance teams.

RPA for insurance from Varishtha Infotech covers every last detail in the insurance process. RPA for insurance is a weapon in your armor that supercharges your insurance processes and teams. The power of automation leaves your team empowered as the software handles continuous repetitive mundane day-to-day work.

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Benefits of RPA in Insurance

Data Extraction

Capture and extract data directly from the screen or from various documents

Data Processing

Process information from PDFs, Excel, etc.

Data Integration

Post and enter data onto ERPs, Software’s, Insurance Aggregate Platforms, whether on web or desktop

Data Sharing

Share across the team with co-workers.


Agile response to customer queries and requests.

Claims Processing

Claims get processed in record time while fraud probabilities are drastically reduced. RPA for insurance covers every aspect – underwriting, customer service, and more. Many Insurance Companies have already equipped their software with Robotic Process Automation. After all, RPA+AI is a combination that converts into a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Policy Booking

Insurance companies have huge teams that are dedicated to creating and booking policies on their software’s. This is a job that involves a lot of manual data entry. The entire process of Policy booking can be automated using RPA for Insurance.

Quote Generation

Many Insurance companies and Insurance brokers spend a lot of their team’s time in generating quotes for their customers. Use RPA for Insurance to automate this process seamlessly.

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