Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves the use of specialized software to automate repeatable and rule-based processes that are generally performed by humans.

Our high-end RPA Services offer seamless automation of all your back-office tasks in a scalable format so that repetitive, time-consuming processes can be automated for faster and more accurate output. Varishtha Infotech in UAE and India’s leading RPA Solutions provider ensures at-scale automation for precise and fast processes. RPA empowers businesses with BOTS that automate your processes and enable task completion. RPA is a step forward to fasten your digital transformation with top-notch accuracy.

Varishtha is partnered with UiPath, one of the leading RPA tools in the market. It is an impressive tool packed with industry-relevant features. Some of the features of UiPath are Record and playback, Drag and drop workflow, high security, robust, scalable, and advanced scraping options.

Benefits of RPA

Improved Efficiency

Increased accuracy and lesser human errors resulting in greater efficiency

Boosts Productivity

Increased speed and ability for humans to focus on decision making

Improve Business Data Security

Constant Audit trails and compliance is ensured


Works 24/7 and can be used among various departments and functions

RPA Consulting Services
Key Features of Varishtha Infotech’s RPA Consulting Services

Our RPA Pack enables companies and businesses to leverage automation technology such that it helps improve the performance of core activities like delivering efficient customer service, scale operations, and achieving a competitive edge in business.

RPA works on cognitive bots, making it easier to handle complicated high-volume, and rule-based tasks within Finance, Insurance, Logistics, HR, etc. Our RPA Services provide improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, reduced operational costs, and boost business performance.

Take advantage of superior RPA development services from Varishtha Infotech Services to drive optimal ROI with a full-scale RPA + AI system. The route to becoming an industry leader in your niche is created with Robotic Processes Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Talk to RPA experts for UiPath development and implementation with Varishtha today.

RPA in Finance

RPA in Finance

Finance and Accounting are apt for RPA as they follow specific rules.
Use Cases:

  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounting – AR and AP
  • SAP and Oracle Automation
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RPA in Insurance

RPA in Insurance

Being a data intensive industry, the Insurance sector has many avenues for automation
Use Cases:

  • Claims Processing
  • Policy Booking
  • Quote Generation
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RPA in Logistics

RPA in Logistics

Logistics and Supply Chain Industry has many opportunities for RPA
Use Cases:

  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Order Processing
  • Data Entry
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