‘‘We are happy and recommend Varishtha for their IOT Solutions and Exemplary Support Service’’

Dr. Roshan M.S., D.O.M.S
Director and Senior Consultant
Roshan Eye Care Hospital

Roshan Eye Care Hospital has catered to a niche market that specializes in quality and excellent results. About 6 months ago, we decided to update our Class 100 Operating Theatres with IOT Systems.

Varishtha Infotech fortunately had all the solutions to measure relative temperature, humidity, and differential pressure continuously and seamlessly. It can also document and store on the cloud, saving us 1 man’s work in documentation.

Now 3 months down the line, we were awarded a Green Hospital award from Association of Health Care Providers (AHPI). We are happy and recommend Varishtha for their IOT solutions and exemplary support service.