Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves the use of specialized software to automate repeatable and predictable computer-based processes performed by humans.We help organizations jump-start their RPA journey by implementing end to end RPA services by automating your existing repeatable mundane tasks that are being handled by human beings.

Our RPA Pack on Finance and other processes enable companies to leverage the automation technology into core activities to scale operations, deliver efficient customer service, and achieve competitive footing in respective industries. The automation platforms are powered by cognitive bots and allow handling any complex high-volume tasks like procure to pay, order to cash, record to report etc. in ease. The automation can bring an array of benefits for your organization. Our innovative RPA services can support to cut operational costs, improve productivity, enhance efficiency, and accelerate performance in your businesses.

Why choose us to leverage intelligent automation for your enterprise?

Varishtha Infotech is partnered with Paanini, one of the top-rated companies that enable enterprises to scale and grow their operations by utilizing the power of automation and analytics. We make intelligent automation accessible and flexible for all enterprises at very attractive prices. The JiffyRPA with its unique features is perfect to automate the functions like Finance & Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain etc. Varishtha’s expert and experienced RPA Consultants available on a contract basis can support you to start your automation Journey!

robotic process automation

RPA Pack for Finance

Automate high-end financial tasks in business such as Supplier Invoice Loading, Bank Re-conciliations etc.

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RPA for HR

With pre-packaged bots HR Functions such as On-boarding entries to HCM for a new employee capturing from the basis employee sheet till VPN creation is easier.

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RPA for Logistics & Supply Chain

Ease high volume repetitive data entry jobs of posting the invoice, delivery order details of shipments to respective organization portal etc.

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RPA for Travel /Visa Processing Agents

Visa Application entry for a new or existing person is a daily and repetitive task which can be taken care of by BOT.


RPA Consultants on Contract

Expert and experienced Consultants to help you get started with RPA for any of your repeatable and tedious business tasks.

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