Remote IT Support Is Quickly Overtaking Traditional In-House And Freelance IT Support

Did you know that over 70% of IT issues can be solved remotely? In these uncertain times, there is a greater need for Remote IT Support, to be able to maintain business productivity at lower costs without any disruptions.

by varishthainfotech

September 28, 2022

Most Small and Medium organizations follow a system where their IT is held either internally by dedicated IT personnel/on a time-sharing basis by one of the non-technical staff or outsourced to a freelancer. While in-house IT and outsourcing to a freelancer have its own advantages, the trend is quickly shifting to contracting to dedicated external IT Services Companies (Managed Service Providers – MSPs) to avail Remote IT Support benefits

Remote IT Support vs Freelance IT Support
One of the biggest advantages of Remote IT Support with an MSP as compared to outsourcing to a freelancer is access to a wider pool of technical resources. The client has the option to use the expertise of a team of IT specialists as compared to a single IT resource.

There can be a lack of continuity when it comes to hiring freelance. There can also be uncertainty in certain cases, for example, when the freelancer goes on leave or becomes temporarily unavailable. This leads to time delays. As MSPs provide a complete package and well-defined process for IT Support, the client will always have consultants at their service, ensuring lesser uncertainty.

Remote IT Support vs In-house IT Support

One of the biggest problems of having your IT in-house personnel is the associated costs. Along with basic employee compensation, there are additional costs for recruiting, training, and retaining. IT Service Providers take care of these costs for you, and charge you on a fixed subscription basis, thus resulting in significantly lower costs. Considering that most IT issues can be solved remotely, this leads to even lower costs due to economies of scale.

For certain companies, especially SME’s, having an in-house IT team can not only be disadvantageous, but detrimental. This is mainly due to limited knowledge among limited IT staff, higher costs, and a lack of flexibility. In many scenarios, internal IT Support is provided by non-IT employees who provide IT services as an additional service, and not their core job. This affects the overall quality of all the roles that these employees perform.

In this sense, going remote provides better quality and more flexibility to organizations.

Choose Remote IT Support

An aim of Remote IT Support is to make sure that your employees can focus on their core activities without having to worry about IT issues. Since the costs are fixed and predicable, companies have a better idea of what to expect and can plan more effectively. This also gives them a better control of the overall health of their IT services.

Choosing the right IT model for your organization can be daunting but is extremely crucial. Remote IT Support has been tailored to deliver all the best aspects of Outsourced IT Support, along with the best features of Freelance IT Support and In-House IT Support.

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