Watermelon Communications

A couple of years back, we had a major issue: our emails and website were hacked. We approached Varishtha. Until then, we have had an on-and-off IT provider, with many IT related requirements being handled internally.

We called Mr. Ajay and explained the issue. Ajay came down to our office himself, analyzed the situation and provided us with a complete process update on what needs to be done and how to go about it. He rolled out everything in the next three working days. That was the beginning of our relationship with Varishtha. It is three years now, and still going strong.

Our observation is that Varishtha was not in it for just quick money. They’ve helped us solve challenges — have helped in understanding what went wrong and what needs to be done.

I would say that Varishtha is at a solid 4.5/5. This being only because all businesses and individuals have scope for improvements. The engineers on our account are extremely good, cordial and knowledgeable. In fact, we consider them to be a part of our staff!

‘Professionalism and Industry Knowledge’ are the two words I would use to describe Varishtha.
Today we know, IT help is only a call away.

Roshan Eye Care

Roshan Eye Care Hospital has catered to a niche market that specializes in quality and excellent results. About 6 months ago, we decided to update our Class 100 Operating Theatres with IOT Systems.

Varishtha Infotech fortunately had all the solutions to measure relative temperature, humidity, and differential pressure continuously and seamlessly. It can also document and store on the cloud, saving us 1 man’s work in documentation.

Now 3 months down the line, we were awarded a Green Hospital award from Association of Health Care Providers (AHPI). We are happy and recommend Varishtha for their IOT solutions and exemplary support service.


We have been working with Varishtha for the past 5 years and it has been a rewarding experience. They have always come up with innovative Products and Solutions and have had the right team to back it up. We have worked with them on multiple exciting projects with great level of success.

Our experience on projects and all other engagements has been very effective due to the dedicated & trained staff they have. When we had the need for additional manpower to assist during one of the major projects, Varishtha deputed an excellent engineer at a very short notice thus helping us to strengthen our helpdesk to assist our end users.

Varishtha has always stood out in all their engagements with us. Whether it be projects, outsourced resources, or the POC we worked on then for RPA, they always get us the right people and give us the right kind of support to help the customer succeed. A company that always tries to excel at what they do and ensure the customer is always taken care of.

Whenever we wanted their services, they have always been there to assist us. A great partner to work with!

Dubai Investment Properties

Varishtha Infotech is our current IT Service Provider and we are pleased with their services so far. They have kept their standard of quick response time to our IT related issues and concerns.


We have been working with Varishtha Infotech for quite a few years. We have engaged them for professional services and have a contract engineer placed with us

The engineer was adaptive to our methods and willing to learn new skills. He was able to multi-task and maintain a flexible timing in order to meet his targets on time.

On a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is weak and 5 is strong, I would rate Varishtha Professional Services a 4 for the technical skills, dedication, and attitude of the deputed engineers.

One thing that stood out for us at Kanoo is that Varishtha is always prompt with our queries and they are able to provide feasible solutions in every possible scenario.