Multi-Purpose Card Solutions

TTaking convenience onto a smart card platform for all corporate and small-medium scale enterprises, Varishtha is the ideal choice for all industrial multipurpose card solutions. Made from high quality raw materials and imprinted by quality designs, our multipurpose cards enabled with technical chips, sensors etc. can take your trade to the next level. Our cards apart from their attractive appearance offer security and control.


Whether your business needs Loyalty Cards, ID Cards, Key Cards, Access Control or Linyard, we offer technology-enabled multipurpose card solutions ranging from highly secured pieces to rough-usage cards. Embracing Quick & Clean™ technology for generating smooth and non-perforated edges, Varishtha assures you professional cards that boast of simplicity and elegance.

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Loyalty Cards

Stunning Customer Loyalty Cards with chips that ensure more profitable relationships

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Employee ID Cards

The easy-to-use Employee ID Cards are our flagship products that come with sensors

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Patient ID Card

Well-designed, Durable and secured ID Cards for your patients that offer easy processing of information

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Hotel Key Cards

Well-designed, Durable and tech-secured cards as keys for hotel rooms

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Access Control Cards

Our comprehensive access control solution takes care of your valuable assets

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Student ID Cards

Affordable and unique cards that make your students easily identified

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Custom made Lanyards for brands to look and feel professional

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