Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting everything in a system to the internet and thus adding its efficiency by automation.
Varishtha’s IoT - Environment Monitoring Solutions have emerged from the trend of connecting to monitoring and controlling machines, internet and other things in our environment, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.It can effectively be used in diverse industries like hotels, hospitals, data centers, convenience stores etc. for connectivity, monitoring, security and control. Our IOT enabled smart devices that use embedded processors, sensors, software and communication hardware to gather information from environs make the communication accurate. The IoT devices can share the sensor data via any collective gateway or cloud platforms.

How can our IOT Environment Monitoring services help you?

Whatever your industry is, we are set with quality equipment like Sensors, Gateways, Software, Add-on Devices, Accessories etc. to help you with implementing management, monitoring and security solutions in your business environs. Varishtha’s years of experience and expertise in the field of IoT assures you safe and stringent sensor solutions for your commercial applications.

IOT Dubai

Hotels, Restaurants, Food Manufacturing and Distribution

Wireless temperature sensors to monitor Kitchen Freezer, Rooms and Fridges


Data Centers & Server Room

Sensors to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Water, Door Open/Close and many more

Internet of Things Dubai

Hospitals & Clinics

Sensors to monitor the temperature in Pharmaceutical Coolers, Door Open/Close and many more

Internet of Things

Department Stores

Sensors to monitor in Moving Trucks carrying food items etc.

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