Grow Your Business With A Remote IT Workforce

In order to maintain their competitiveness in the current market, more and more businesses are transitioning to a remote workforce. A remote workforce offers a variety of benefits to companies and is a trend that is being adopted globally at a fast pace. The concept of ‘Work-from-Home’ is not new, but the need for this model is greater than ever before.

by varishthainfotech

September 28, 2022

Most organizations are accustomed to hiring all their employees on a Work-from-Office (WFO) basis. In light of Covid-19, many organizations were forced to adopt a Work-From-Home (WFH) model. However, this adoption has moved from an ‘obligation’ to a ‘necessity’. Companies around the world have started realizing all the benefits that a remote workforce has to offer.

One of the areas most apt for a WFH model is Information Technology (IT). Majority of IT tasks like Application Development and Support, IT Helpdesk Support, IT Consultancy, etc. can be performed remotely. With the prevalence of sophisticated technology, it is ever so easier to communicate and collaborate digitally.

This model offers a range of benefits:


Many businesses have already started a WFH initiative, however it usually only pertains to existing staff. The WFH structure can also be applied to new hires, be it on a permanent or casual basis. One of the biggest advantages of this model is the flexibility that it offers to employers, in hiring short-term or long-term, as per their needs. This proves to be very beneficial in Projects, especially when IT hire is often needed for a short period at a short notice.

Wide Pool of Talent

Organizations now have access to talent from all over world. The WFH structure erases ‘virtual borders’ and provides connections to talented prospects across geographical locations, which may not have been previously available. This not only ensures greater extent of resources to choose from, but also access to greater quality of hires. Especially in IT, it is very important to get access to proficient consultants.

Increased Efficiency

The WFH model provides cost efficiencies to organizations. Typical fees like visa charges, physical office space rents, etc. can be almost eliminated. In fact, according to a study by Zapier, 2 in 3 knowledge workers think that traditional offices may become outdated by 2030. In a time where all organizations are looking to reign in their costs, the WFH structure can provide many monetary benefits.

It has become necessary for organizations to ‘go remote’, at least for a portion of their staff, especially in IT. Businesses must embrace changing employee structures to remain dynamic. Work-from-home is not just a small-term objective, it should be a long-term goal of any organization.

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