Five Tips To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks are increasing at a high rate in the Middle East. While it might be impossible to completely thwart cyberattacks, it is possible to considerably reduce the number of cyberattacks that organizations face.

by varishthainfotech

September 27, 2022

Cybercrime is growing all over the world, especially in the Middle East. In fact, in 2019, 4 in 5 companies in the UAE faced at least one cyberattack as per Gulf Business. Cyberattacks and Ransomware can result in data loss and breaches, time wastage, and a shortfall in productivity. It is important that organizations stay vigilant and employees are always up to date on prevention protocols.

Five tips to prevent Cyberattacks:

    • Don’t open emails from unknown persons. The most common way for a cyberattack or ransomware attack is through links/attachments present in unknown emails. It is important to have email scans and controls set up by your IT team. In fact, the TRA Report suggests that the most common cyberattacks in 2020 in the UAE are through emails.

  • Maintain regular backups of data. The most frequent outcome of ransomware is the loss of important data, often unretrievable. Organizations should aim at regularly backing up their data, both on the cloud as well as a local backup.
  • Be vary of downloads. It is important to be vigilant when downloading files from websites, especially if the website is unknown.
  • Avoid giving out personal information. Do not reply to emails/forms asking for personal information, as this data can be used to infiltrate your system.
  • Use Security Software. Enable Firewalls to ensure computer users safety when browsing the internet. Make sure your antivirus is up to date and all security software used is original and reputable.

While it can be impossible to completely eliminate the risk of cyberattacks, it is possible to reduce the probability and intensity of them by following the above tips. The best way to combat such an attack is for it not to happen in the first place.

If you have any suspicions or queries, make your IT Team aware of this immediately. For more information on how to prevent cyberattacks and ransomware attacks, contact us today.

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