Demand For Robotic Process Automation Increasing

The demand for RPA is increasing now, and will continue increasing in the post-pandemic world. This article discusses RPA trends and benefits.

by varishthainfotech

September 23, 2022

While the pandemic has resulted in many disruptions for businesses around the world, it has opened opportunities for organizations to utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. RPA is the use of specialized software to process high-volume, rule based, and repeatable tasks that were previously being performed by humans. This includes, but is not limited to computations, data entry, and validations.

According to Gartner, the Global RPA Software Revenue is set to increase by nearly 20% to $2 billion in 2021. The demand for RPA has especially grown with the pandemic, with companies realizing the many benefits that it offers:

1.Boosts Productivity
Sometimes there are huge time wastages in performing menial and tiresome tasks (like data entry). This can result in lower efficiency, lower employee morale, and a larger chance of error rates. RPA acts as a virtual assistant to employees and leaves them to focus on the work that really matters, increasing their productivity.

2.Improves Quality
RPA has a lower error rate as compared to humans due to the elimination of human error. This enhances quality of processes, which in turn saves time, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

3.Better Flexibility
During these uncertain times, flexibility is something that every organization is looking for. In a time where majority of employees have shifted to Work-From-Home, RPA bots can give the much-needed flexibility to business processes. Bots can be programmed to deal with the ever-changing business environment.

While the pandemic has disturbed the way we work, the prospects it has presented cannot be ignored. RPA is not just a ‘nice-to-have’, it has become imperative to the workings of businesses and will prove highly beneficial in the post-pandemic world.

The evolution of RPA has resulted in an increase in selection of RPA Tools available to customers, like Jiffy RPA. For more information on how we can help you kickstart your RPA Journey, contact us.

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