Proactive Managed Services

At Varishtha Infotech, we believe that prevention is better than cure. We strive to resolve incumbent problems, swiftly and accurately, to ensure optimal uptime for your core services.

Falling behind on regular backups, patches and updates can cause serious security issues and put your business at risk. Our proactive maintenance schedules, ensure your IT Infrastructure is compliant and secure at all times. To ensure ease of communicating with us, and also to ensure quick response times, we also provide you with a single point of contact with Varishtha Infotech, who would also make periodic site visits and provide responsive and technically adept help in resolving the issues within the agreed response times.

Our Solutions - Managed Services

  • Unlimited Remote and On-Site IT Support Services
  • Initial Project to stabilise and baseline IT Infrastructure
  • Proactive Management plan designed to support key IT systems. Delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues.
  • Essential IT Support - Our team of field engineers and NOC support group are available to assist with all your day to day IT support or project requirements.
  • Managed Fully outsourced solutions, designed to fulfill an organizations entire IT requirements
  • One monthly fee for total IT support
  • Agile Support Approach

Our Advantages

Increased Productivity

Continuousinsight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution

Reduced Business Impact from IT Failures

Combining preventive maintenance and remote monitoring means we minimize failures that could impact your business. Your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner

Reduced Network Downtime Through Proactive Maintenance

Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter

Program Benefits

IT Service is focused on issue avoidance rather than “fighting fires” through Pro Active Monitoring and scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance ensures that your servers, PCs and other vital network devices function optimally. This improves reliability and security.
Network Health Review reports are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you.
Security and Backup Management keeps your environment secure, protected and available through industry best-practices.
Complete Outsourced IT Management Solution will allow you to focus on your core competencies and not your network. The program benefits better than hiring an IT staff internally
Unlimited Remote and On-Site Support ensures the utmost in business stability and reliability. Your single monthly price covers all network, server and workstation support.
A single monthly fee gets you a complete IT solution, Lower total cost of ownership and management

What's Included

Program Elements Included Services
Managed Server
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Key Infrastructure Application Maintenance
  • OS Patch Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Managed Workstation
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management & Enforcement
  • OS Patch Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Managed Network
  • Firewall Management and Maintenance
  • Router and Switch Monitoring
Managed Security
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management
  • Anti-Spam Monitoring and Management
  • Regular Vulnerability Scan and Report
Managed Backup
  • Backup Deployment and Configuration
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Backup Software Updates
  • Scheduled Backup Jobs
Managed Support
  • Network Health Review
  • Vendor Management
  • Periodic Reports, Analysis and Consultation